prayer dance

Betula & Mamabuche Prayer Dance – Vision Dance

31st August – 2nd September

Prayer dance – the dance at the root

Dance one day & one night – for your vision, for your prayer under the Mamabuche, our mother tree

PROCEDURE | The prayer dance is a traditional ritual – starting at the sunrise of the first day and ending at sunrise the following day.

Each and every dancer forms a symbol for your dance in advance – a picture or a sculpture, which are then hung in the tree. From this form we start the dance.
The dance does not yet know where it leads, the vision is still unknown.
Prayer is the way.

At sunset we will pray on the mountain for all humans of the Visionszeit.

The ritual begins & ends with the cleansing of the sweat lodge.

Before and after, as a circle, we will pick up the desires questions and visions of each individual.

We fast and we guard.

We also eat and sleep before and after – in the woods, near Mamabuche.

You will be able to speak – in a circle – about your questions, wishes and visions.

We start Friday, August 31 at 6pm and end Sunday, September 2nd at 5pm.

Participation fee: 133, – Euro

Extra costs: 25, – Euro board

Registration by email to: or by phone: Dana 0176-57954407