Dana Richter is a naturopath, shamanic singer and healer. She is leading system and family constellations. With her work, she accompanies people on their path to connection and reconnection with themselves, their very pure nature and their greatest possibility. Together with Ceren Solak and Donald Guss, she has been directing the shamanic seminar “5 days in the sign of” since 2010.

For Betula & Mamabuche she facilitates the festivals Beltane, Samhain and Lichtmess – seminars with sweat lodges and systemic work.
In this Vision Quest she holds our Sweatlodge and the ritual of Prayer Dance. Dana is born in the “Way of the North”, already in her early days she encountered the spiritual forces and nature. She has been living in Klein Hundorf for 27 years. Today she is practicing there locally, around Berlin and in Norway.


Manuela Bosch works as a facilitator and process designer. She guides people in communities, businesses, and projects on their journey to find their vision and purpose. She is co-founder of Vanilla Way, a network and community exploring deeper questions related to Collaboration & Trust – important themes to co-create a more peaceful and sustainable reality. The Vision Quest is an offer to explore those topics as individual and in dialogue with nature.

The basis of her work is a deeper exploration of the relationship between self-awareness and the realization of dreams and visions. One of her foundations is the Dragon Dreaming framework. Her own spiritual practice is anchored in forms of yoga and meditation, Social Presencing Theater and the shamanic Lotusheart Meditation. Her greatest teacher is nature itself, not just in wilderness, but the everyday human interactions in the jungle of cities and digital world, too. Manu has been teaching shamanic seminars with Dana in Klein Hundorf since 2015. She is currently working in Germany and the USA.