Seminars for the conscious design of transitions with
contemporary systemic and traditional shamanic practices.


February 02nd-04th |
Winter heyday Lichtmess with sweat lodge and systemic work

Seeds, still hidden and covered in the dark, begin to stir, want to be acknowledged and welcomed.

April 27th-29th |
Spring heyday Beltane with sweat lodge and systemic work

Spring has come – fertility and and development, we are unfolding.+

August 29th – September 5th |
Late Summer Rituals Vision Quest and Prayer Dance

Four days and four nights, alone and fasting in nature. Then a dance for companions, 24 hours long.

26th-28th October |
Autumn heyday Samhain with sweat lodge and systemic work

Doors to the other worlds open, ending, perishing, sinking in, letting go, connecting to eternity


The wheel of the year. The wheel of life.

Great virtues of receiving, birthing, growing and perishing accompany us every day during the many days of our life.
The wheel of seasons/of the year marks the cross of the four year points in Solstices and Equinoxes. In between lie the four festivals of Candlemas, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain. They form gates through which the four different qualities of our entire nature manifest – festivals celebrated here long before our time.
With these seminars we intend to pass these gates consciously.
Traditional natural rituals as the nordic sweat lodge and vision quests, as well as contemporary approaches and systemic methods as Presencing and the discovery of our collective creativity will accompany us. According to the  seasons, the seminars are set in different themes.